FLOKI Head of Growth

FLOKI Head of Growth

**Head of Growth** **About us:** - [FLOKI](https://www.flokitech.com/) is a **leapfrog evolution** on how **independent retailers buy their mercha...


Job Description

Head of Growth

About us:

  • FLOKI is a leapfrog evolution on how independent retailers buy their merchandise.
  • We are a SaaS enabled Marketplace startup with a** plug & play solution** to bring the procurement area in fragmented industries to the age of A.I..
  • Our mission is to improve the procurement operation & financial health of fragmented food retailers by** providing them with the same resources, technology and bargaining power **that only the large companies had. 
  • Our founders are Luigi and Marcelo, engineers by training (POLI-2012 and UFSC-2011), with 11 combined years of experience at McKinsey & Company, substantial experience in AI and Digital Transformations, with MBAs from** U.C.Berkeley**-2018 and MIT-2017.
  • In Sep-2020 we received our Pre-SEED investment from Iporanga Ventures and are now engaging in a high growth SEED phase.
  • We are in a ~30 people team and will reach ~130 by end of 2022

Our Values / How we expect you to be:

  • Global ambition and world class excellence in what you do
  • We are a data company: intelligently store and use all the information we come into contact with
  • Lead by example
  • Autonomy and sense of ownership
  • Greater good above self-interest
  • Client interest and experience is our top priority
  • Attract the best people and motivate and develop everyone
  • Inclusive, fun and balanced environment
  • Passionate about the problem and not the product
  • Solve and support the problem end-to-end without friction and in a sustainable way
  • Focus on delivering substantial value

**Role and activities: ** The Head of Growth will work side by side with our Co-Founder & CEO and will be the owner of all growth related activities

  • Manage all client side (restaurants, bars, grocery stores) growth initiatives at FLOKI to hit growth OKRs
  • Build the team and manage 10-20 people
  • Manage current growth initiatives that work
  • Implement tests of new growth initiatives and roll out and scale those that work
  • Owner of Sales and Marketing budget


  • Managing 10-20 people from diverse function areas (ex: from sales to tech to operations)
  • Working at top startup during late SEED / series A phase
  • With inside sales / outbound sales teams
  • With digital marketing initiatives
  • Building and managing partnerships focused on distribution
  • Implementing and managing referral programs
  • With onboarding teams
  • Idealizing, testing and launching new growth initiatives
  • Working with technology products and with squads of technology in startup companies


How to apply

Job description attachment

Head of Growth.pdf (https://v5.airtableusercontent.com/v1/11/11/1670004000000/IauXinNr-Gb21CQ90hjnWw/BWU6e0yG55njs-rsQBIiWGbBtbf14f6Iyu4nWZCvrDGA2G77vuLyekEI_czfHf4qSASTQX1x0naqDTmNb1bVLvOxKJNIad6bmh6XbVMA23M/sRVPy9dUjHmORJ5qRdchJ7wRQrKQ8s4hiYePVpiFeGs)