Floki Technologies Product Manager

Floki Technologies Product Manager

How about working at a fun office, on a fast-growing startup, full of smart people? Interested?   At Floki, we develop how restaurants and supplier...


Job Description

How about working at a fun office, on a fast-growing startup, full of smart people? Interested?   At Floki, we develop how restaurants and suppliers interact, providing them better opportunities through AI and algorithms, thus helping them to make smart money decisions.   We are looking for a React + TypeScriptdeveloper to help create our web-based application performance. You will be collaborating with our front-end application developers, designing back-end components, and our Backoffice. We’re looking for a Senior Product Manager with creative skills who is detail-oriented to find patterns and issues. You’ll be overseeing the development process, cooperating with design teams, operation managers and engineering managers.  As the senior product manager, you’ll work on product plans, project plans, and project development concepts. You’ll be developing a business strategy following the product strategy. Meanwhile, you’ll be taking of your project management duties, which include making budgets, work plans, and ensuring departmental cooperation.    Your Responsibilities:

  • You’ll be ensuring that product lifecycle deadlines are met, software development stages are completed on time, and will be communicating updates across all channels;
  • Finally, you’ll be analyzing and reporting product data for effective launches. You’ll also be making sure that all quality, usability, and reliability standards are met;
  • You need excellent communication skills, leadership qualities, and the ability to multitask. You should be familiar with agile methodologies;
  • You should be familiar with analytics tools like Google Analytics, Metabase and Mixpanel;

        Requirements: 1. Continually Collaborate with Teams  The product team needs to work alongside the development team, marketing team, sales team, and even recruiters and hiring managers at times. The senior product manager is responsible for making sure all this collaboration is smooth and effective.    2. Handling the Product Line Lifecycle  As a senior product manager, you have to oversee every step of the product line lifecycle. That includes product ideation, strategic planning, tactical initiatives, product vision, product strategy, product roadmap, product development, and product distribution.    3. Managing the Product Analysis and the Market Analysis  A considerable part of a senior product manager’s job is to perform and analyze the market and strategies related to the product. Therefore, they regularly conduct pricing, competitive, and profitability analyses.  These analyses help devise new business and product strategies to improve the product’s market position. It also helps improve quality, beat the competition, and help with cost reduction in some cases.    4. Creating a Product Strategy  The senior product manager has to bring together the team that will help develop the strategy. They round up the product owner, product managers, product marketers, and any other product people.  Furthermore, the senior product manager also has to develop a company-wide market plan for the product. That usually involves working with multiple departments at the same time, therefore, requiring excellent collaboration and communication skills.    5. Handling the Recruitment  Another major part of a senior product manager’s job is to interview, onboard, and train new product employees. They might also get involved in planning, directing, and delegating tasks for some of the employees. 

How to apply

Send your resume to roberto@flokitech.com